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Voice Lessons - Beginning Piano- Audition Prep - Beginning Language Tutoring

Whether you are looking to improve your confidence, learn a desirable new skill, perfect your art, or prepare for an audition, private voice lessons are a necessity for reaching your musical goals!


Having a Bachelor's in Music from Florida State University, I have worked with world renown teachers throughout the United states and in Germany, to professionally train my vocal technique and language diction.

     I am proud to have received my Master's in Music from Florida Atlantic University, where I was an assistant teacher in Vocal Pedagogy, German diction, French diction, Italian diction, and Chamber chorus. My studio currently has students ages 8-23 years of age, ranging from  beginning, classical, musical theater, and contemporary singers!

I am currently a Vocal Teacher for the De George Academy for Performing Arts  at the Kravis Center in West Palm Beach, Florida.  This Student Arts Enrichment program for underserved students helps mentor and provide year round vocal and arts instruction  from grades 3-8. I use group and individual training techniques to develop technique, confidence, and musicality in these brilliant young voices.  



My experience currently woking with professional opera companies, and educational training can mentor, train, and grow you or your child's professional or personal goals.

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